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A Focus on Homeschooling

A Focus on Homeschooling

The homeschool world of today is very different from the one our homeschool pioneer leaders carved out before us.  With tools like the internet, e-books, and multi-media resources, we are incredibly blessed with what is available to us. Today, most anything that we can dream of is accessible in one form or another.  We are a very blessed generation, indeed!

Blessings thankfully considered, I will share that all of this opportunity did not initially sit peacefully with this analytically minded Mama. Although I knew our family was being called to homeschool, the opportunity for fresh zeal and vision for this new venture was quickly overshadowed by sheer amazement as I gazed at the vast homeschool universe set before me. Where was the beginning?  Where was the end?  How high did it rise?  How do I measure the depth?  Is it really a universe or more like a galaxy or even a solar system within a galaxy?  Who knows the answers to these questions?  Are they a reliable resource?  Where did they get their ideas from?  Oh, the questions I had would fill many, many pages.

Well, as with all new ventures I’ve embarked on in life, I dove in and started gathering as much intel as my brain could suck up.  I then dedicated myself to the creation of personal management and organization systems, each reflecting the data as I understood it in that moment. As I matured in knowledge and experience, my systems grew along with me. Soon, my head stopped swimming with information, I was able to breathe a bit deeper, and my direction began to come into sharper focus.  Then, finally, that wonderful fruit called Peace, began to settle into my homeschool mama heart. It’s amazing what faith and some good, old-fashioned organization can do to get a Mama walking with sure steps!  

Because I LOVE to share good things, and have easy and logical access to my own files, I’m putting it all up on MHE.  Just as others have blessed me, perhaps a fellow homeschooler might come along one day and find one of my posts a blessing for their homeschool.  If YOU are that fellow homeschooler reading this entry right now, then I’d like to wish you a hearty “Welcome!” along with my prayers for great blessings in your homeschool journey.  Thanks for stopping by, friend.


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