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A Focus on Life Management

A Focus on Life Management

We have quite a task list, eh?  Much can be said of these lists. They can have a powerful influence on our lives. They can control our time. They can direct our priorities. They can drive us to unhealthy life rhythms. They can overwhelm us. They can distract us. They can even blind us. The interesting thing about our task lists is that, despite the potential power they hold over our lives, they hold no power in and of themselves.  The deciding factor on the good/bad power scale is how much authority WE give to our lists; how much we allow them to pull us away from our primary focus and allegiances; how much of our peace we choose to give to them.

Life requires that we engage our hands in the tasks of living.  All creatures under the sun have been given work to do. We see in Genesis that work is a part of God’s glorious creation, and He has deemed it as a very good thing for us all.  So, where did the idea come from that work is a drudgery?  At what point does work become a burden?  Could it be that our work lives are often out of balance with God’s best for us in this area? Oh, boy are they ever!  As a culture, we are so off-balance that we now neglect the very idea that balance is a worthy part of the work equation. “Busy” is a popular crown our culture wears at the moment.  Regardless, I am one to believe that balance in this area is not elusive, and that God has ordained a sweet spot for us to reside in. There is a peace that He provides, and our work lives are included in the recipe of His peace.

God does not mean for us to run ourselves into the ground.  His wish is for us to manage our tasks, including work loads, according to His desires and priorities.  He means for us to ENJOY our work as a blessed part of our lives. Indeed, we can enjoy our work, and we should enjoy our work. This means that we can experience joy even while we pick up toys for the umpteenth time.  We can experience joy even when we step on the Lego block that we told the kids to pick up hours ago. We can experience joy when we stay up late at night tending to important tasks.  We can experience joy even when we must parent on especially hard days.  The opportunities that we have to exercise our faith in this area are constantly available and truly endless.  So, how do we learn to truly enjoy our work lives? It is an ongoing process of maturity and, through topical writings and practical solutions, we’ll walk this road together. 

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