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What is Mama’s Home Ed?

Few things excite me more than those Indiana Jones-type moments that pop up in my Stay-at-Home-Homeschooling-MamaVerse.  There are endless adventures to embark on, mysteries to solve, treasures to find, and routes to test.  The entire SAHHM world excites me, motivates me, and feeds my soul as a wife, mother, and a child of God.  It is high calling; a life with an invaluable purpose.  You might say that I have a passion for my job.

Because I enjoy writing as well as sharing good things, Mama’s Home Ed was born.  MHE serves as my personal, virtual bookshelf and public journal available especially for my family’s reference at a moment’s whim.  It stores and documents the various tools and practices that I’ve discovered useful since embarking on this SAHHM journey. Categorically, MHE covers topics related to life management, building a Godly home, and homeschooling. Standing as the primary influence to all my writing and sharing on this blog is my most important dedication and purpose under heaven – my relationship with and service to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  To learn more about the heart of MHE, please check out the blog post MHE:  Rooted in Truth.

My warmest blessings extend to you, dear Mama, for a loving, fruitful, and God-honoring home!  I hope you find some of what I have shared a blessing to you and your family.


Patricia (Mama @ Mama’s Home Ed)

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